5 Easy Ways You Can Turn How to use Social media for business Into Success

Written by Saddam Hossen Sifat

January 2, 2017

It’s rare to find someone in today’s world who don’t have social media in some way. Many people think that social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. is the platform to communicate with friend and family. But Social media is proving an opportunity for business to expand and engage. There is over 3 billion internet user, and over 2 billion have active social media account. The modern social platform becomes giant in the internet marketing industry.

Social Media Plus Marketing is equal to Social Media Marketing.

Let’s define those term first

Social media is a website or application which allow the user to create share and connect with different people all around the world.

Marketing is the action of selling product or services including research and adverting.

Social Media Marketing or SMM is the form of internet marketing to gain branding goal through social media.

Here some tips on how to use social media marketing for business to expand the business and reach goals and raise awareness about your brand and product or may be serviced.

1. Platform and Practice
The list of social media network has long tail. The number is numerous. You can’t present yourself or your business in each of the platforms. So the thing is you need to be choosy. You can choose the top 3 to 5 from the perspective of your geography, location, business type, and another factor. Choose the Platform that suits with your business strategy. Now suppose you are a B2B business person in the USA. So more than Facebook, Twitter you need to engage in LinkedIn. No, choose wisely.
Here is the list of top 5 social network-

☑ Twitter
☑ YouTube
☑ LinkedIn
☑ Pinterest and Instagram

2. Set Goal for Social Media Marketing
The location, purpose, and size of your business will naturally affect your social media goals. However, many companies use social media too-
♳ Increase traffic to their site.
♴ Drive lead or influence to purchase.
♵ Increase credibility.
♶ Corporate identity and culture.
♷ Quality feedback.

3. Plan Bigger
It does not even matter you have the website or not. Your social media presence is good enough to reach the goal of success. Here you can create a brand which can be hugely popular. But the thing is its totally different from general marketing which usually uses in TV ads, Newspaper. Here people will engage with your quality contend like post, image, video. People will never watch your product promotion or image of your product. So your content needs to be tricky. It will promote your product but not directly.

4. Content to Attract
As we were talking your content can only make you popular on social media. Sometimes it just becomes viral. This is the only way to get customer attention and drive the user to the target area. If you are willing to get the lead from social media then your content needs to be a path for your customer and the quality will make sure that customer will do the same what you want him/her to do.

5. Paid Advertising
Every social media platform has paid adverting option. The best thing about paid adverting is simplicity. Anyone can use it. You can target your niche specifically. They give freedom to select age, gender, location, profession, internet and much more to reach to the particular person. You can see ads with image video which make the campaign more successful.

Success Story-

You have to market to them in a way that makes them want to buy, and that’s achieved.

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