9 important thing you need to consider before you buy from Alibaba

Written by Saddam Hossen Sifat

April 16, 2016

Business becomes easier nowadays with the help of internet. You can easily buy from the supplier and get back to your consumer. All can be happen on the internet. We all know the business has the risk. Day by day opportunity of business rising also introducing some new risk. Let’s talk about the risk of cheated by the supplier. How to prevent them and do business in a profitable manner. Today’s world, Alibaba is a marketplace where buyer and supplier meet with their need. They are doing this since 1999. Alibaba is a Chinese e-commerce company that provides consumer-to-consumer, business-to-consumer and business-to-business sales services via web portals. They are a trusted the source. But the problem is before buying from them you need to aware of some important thing because they got many sellers. Choosing the bestseller is up to you. There will be some fraud and some middlemen as well. So need to find them and keep a distance from them. Here is 10 important thing you need to consider before you make a deal in Alibaba.

1. Supplier Company information

Do research before you buy. It is going to take some time but it will cope up with risk and as well as can save some money.

  •  Address: Try to verify the physical address of the supplier. Sometime Alibaba gives a verified supplier. Your priority must need to be limited on those if you were unable to find a verified address on your own.
  • Telephone: Try to find the registered name of the telephone number. As usual, the company registers those with the company name. One more thing is the company have several phone number with each department. Ask your supplier for multiple numbers.
  • Emails: Creating an email is easy right. A 12 years boy can do that. So what you will look at email is the structure of emails. Companies emails are ends with a companies domain name like “sales@company.com”. As usual, the company doesn’t use Hotmail, Gmail or others.
  • Web page: It is hard to find web pages for the supplier most of them don’t have it. still you need to look for it. If you were unable to find it you can ask the supplier.
  • Workers: Manufacture company needs more than 10 workers right? You will find this info in Alibaba. For some company, Alibaba verified it.
  • History: Watch out the past performance before making a decision for the future. Take a look at the supplier past history when they started, try to find their growth. Alibaba gives you a facility to the transaction they made on Alibaba. A good supplier will be in a higher sell.
  • Don’t forget to check licenses, certificates, and homogenization.


Alibaba has a filter option to choose a supplier. Give your priority on Trade assure supplier then go for Gold member. I will recommend not to go lower from gold. 3. Interaction: Ask your supplier if they have any buyer in your country. If you could able to find them and get some feedback and references.

4. Avoid Those:

Avoid buying copy products. If the supplier says that their product is original

  • Ask for license
  • Check the distributor in your own country (even if the product is original, but the brand already got a distributor in your country, you could face legal problems).

Avoid free member

Avoid those companies in Alibaba that are selling in free membership and offering copy, fake brands, or even telling you that are original ones. Famous electronic brands, and brand clothes, normally are more expensive in China than overseas. So it is impossible they can sell it to you much cheaper. Shipping copy products can give you big problems when arrived at the customs in your country.

5. Sample:

Ask for a sample before making the order. If possible, sample when the production is finished. this way, if there is any problem during production, you still have time to fix it, before the shipping. Take a note sometime supplier sent a good product as a sample but ordered a product with poor quality. To avoid this circumstance make every document save to take legal action.

6.Payment terms:

Highly recommendation is to make payment by LC, or deposit and the rest against copy of BL. Check it carefully with your bank. Online payment like PayPal is riskier. If the supplier is A+ grade then online payment is OK.

7. Visit(Not mandatory):

If you have a long-term plan and want to trade for a long time then you should visit the factory for once or you can send an agent for you.


Make sure invoices neat and clean and written in English with all clauses and guarantees.

9. Forum & review

In the web, there are so many forum and review site. you can discuss there. Maybe you will find some article like- http://resources.alibaba.com/topic/637485/





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