Divi carousel Plugin Review: Easiest Way of Adding a Slider to Divi Builder

Written by Saddam Hossen Sifat

February 20, 2019

Divi has been a great theme with the fantastic feature on its builder for sure.
Still, there are tons of things you can’t do without knowledge of coding with Divi. One of the problems I faced is how to create a scrolling Divi image carousel? I had no idea.
But recently an article has been published in elegant themes blog where they highlighted Divi carousel module offer by Divi Gear. I saw it and tried it right away.
Here is the DIVI carousel plugin review, where we will discuss, what you will have from this amazing plugin?

Well before anything else price matter so let’s jump onto it first. Divi gear offers this plugin only for $15 for a single site license. For unlimited use, you need to spend $29 for this amazing thing.


It’s simple as ease. You download the zip file from Divi gear upload it to your site as a plugin. Then activate it, and you will have a new module on your builder name Divi carousel.
Here is a video of installation guide-


Divi Carousel Module plugin comes with unlimited design possibilities. You can create image carousel, logo carousel, logo slider, scrolling image carousel and many more. But that’s not the limit for this little bull. You can do way more than that if you have little knowledge of explorations. Here is another cool thing about this plugin. You can have some premade carousel which you can use whatever way you like. Here is one for Testimonials Slider. You can download this from your account or have a look at how they are exploring the module.

Here is team carousel as well.

Here is the video of how you would import the demo layout.

Some technical feature:

  • This plugin supports both visual and backend builder.
  • You can customize Transition time.
  • You can create a loop on it.
  • That can automatically play.
  • You can equalize the hight of the image.
  • And many more.

One of the features I liked most is the advanced slider effect. If you implement it, it will look like more of a 3D version of your carousel. Ops, that’s too much right! Well, the point is I liked it.

For e-commerce user, Divi gear has a Product Carousel. After installing the plugin, you will need to select the product type it will pull the product from your store. Then play around with carousel setting and save it the way you like. Here is another video particularly on Divi Product Carousel module.

Well for your kind information those videos are from the plugin developer. So it’s wise to sub them because you would not like to miss those free layout they are publishing continuously. So the final thought, Divi carousel module is the easiest way of adding a slider to Divi builder. You can create cards, blurbs, images, text, show icons, or anything you need to show in a slider. Not having any issue right now with this. But I would love to have a post carousel feature as well on it. Hope DIVI GEAR will include it shortly. Oh, another update- Developers are working on a video slider feature as well. The review ends here, and I just proofread it and look like a promotion to me!! Or maybe I liked it too much.
What’s your thought?

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