Email Finding Tool Review

Written by Saddam Hossen Sifat

January 25, 2019

Hunter is come with some very handy option to find email addresses. I personally use this a lot. How I use this will be discuss below. Now we will have a look at the feature hunter have to find email addresses.

Features of Hunter:

Domain search:

In hunter, you can search a domain. It will come up with email associated with that domain. Those emails come up with sources. From there you can check the source page of that email. Not only this the search comes with a filter from where you can specify your need. It will give you an email pattern for that domain. You can also search for a particular name from your result. Each and every email in hunter will show a score or verified sign on the left of the email address. Sometimes it also shows name, designations, social profile link, and phone number as well. Please note that all the information is not valid here. Once you got this you need to double-check. See the image Domain search result will look like this-

Tips: Whatever tool you use. You need to verify email addresses.


If you have name and domain for a particular prospect this finder option will be handy for you. You can give a name and domain name it will bring you the result.


If you have an email address you can verify the email address with this tool.

Bulk task:

 This is also a cool thing you can do with hunter here. You can do a bulk domain search, email search(need to have a list of name and company), and verify.

Other stuff:

  1. Google Chrome extension: Let you find email addresses from the website you are browsing
  2. Google sheet Ad-on: Let you add hunter on your google sheet.
  3. API: Let you build your own tool.
  4. Mail tracker: (Find out who opened your email)
  5. Lead: Let you save lead you wanted.
  6. Outreach: Let you contact with your saved lead by just connecting your email.


Now let discuss about the pricing here. Hunter has free and paid both versions as like others.

Free version: is limited 100 searches/ month.

Paid Verison: Starter $39/ month search limit 1000.


Every single tool will have some limitation. You can find limitation that I didn’t explain here. It can happen so don’t get surprised.

  1. Sometimes it can’t find the personal email (Shows only generic email)
  2. Sometimes it suggests the wrong pattern specially when a company has 2 or more pattern.  
  3. The designation shows wrong mostly.
  4. Most of the phone number is wrong.
  5. Email need to verify.

Other than those this tools is very good for finding an email address.

Case study on hunter

We decide to find 5 email addresses from different industry with different designation. We will try to find email addresses of those 5 people with hunter and see how accurate they are! I took those people randomly and tried to mixed them in different industry and position and of course popularity high to low. Here is my selected people.

Industry Name Title Company Email
Financial services industry Lawrence Raffone President and Chief Executive OfficerMember, Board of Directors Edelman Financial Services lra****
Education Kim L. Boyer Dean and Professor State University of New York- albany kbo ****
Mass media Steeve Laprise Owner / editor-in-chief Le Lien Multimedia sla ****
Automotive industry Diane Vansant Purchasing Manager Indirect Products General Motors Dia ****
Information industry Joi Patrick Associate Director, HR Talent MRM McCann Joi ****


So let’s run the experiment on hunter and see what it can give us. We have name and company name right! So we don’t need to use domain search. We can use finder or bulk email finder. We also did find the domain instead of the company name to get the proper email address. And here is the result –

First Name Last Name Domain Email Score
Ryan Parker lra ****
Kim Boyer kbo **** 84
Steeve Laprise sla **** 95
Diane Vansant dia **** 96
Joi Patrick joi **** 95

The result shows that it was able to find 4 out of 5. Its because the first one Edelman Financial Services using a different domain for there email accounts. We put domain again and it comes out with the result. Let just verify those with hunter.

So out of 5 email hunter confirmed 3 email address as deliverable and 1 is risky (Which is deliverable we believe). So the result is 4 for hunter.

Here I would like to share that the 2nd on is hard to find and I am expecting most of the tool will fail to find that. And for first email I will give 50/50 credit. So my rating to this tool is


So all in all hunter is good tool to go with.

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