What are the Quality of a Good Backlink?

Written by Saddam Hossen Sifat

November 11, 2016

Getting backlink just can’t rank you higher sometime it might have some negative effect. So the main thing is quality backlink and you need to focus on acquiring high-quality backlink. The quality of backlinks depends on the quality of websites from where it is linking. So the factor need to consider before making backlinks are-

Trusted: – It’s logical that a high-quality backlink will come from high-quality website. The high-quality website simply means higher traffic, Higher DA, Higher PR. Simply you can say which is popular and ranked themselves upper in search engine.

Relevant: – When we search in a search engine like Google we saw thousands of results. All the result are not what we search for. All of them are related and relevant to your search criteria. So if your Back Links come from the relevant niche then search engine consider you as a result for that niches search term.

Relevant keyword: – The link text or anchor text will need to be in a relevant keyword. The quality of backlink increases if the clickable word is matched with your targeted keywords. It will also provide traffic who will be engaged with your site. Irrelevant anchor text will raise your bounce rate.

In content: – In content backlinks (Backlinks within a block of text) which is most valuable by the search engine. If a link is included early on the page it is easily understandable that the link has important contend which is mention by the author himself. Every time it is not possible to make it in early in the page but if a link is in the main content area is considered as high quality than a link in bottom, sidebar or footer area.


  • Don’t go for High PR rather than go for High Authority sites.
  • It will show relevant information where the link is created.
  • Some of the experts in the industry think that the old domain is good than a new one to create backlink.
  • Avoid directory sites.
  • The link text will be in a relevant keyword.
  • PA and DA must be decent for generating effective back-link.
  • Avoid websites which are ref as “NOFOLLOW”. It’s not effective.

“High-quality backlink= High Domain Authority+ High Page Authority+ Relevant Niche.”

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