How to succeed on your internet marketing strategy

Written by Saddam Hossen Sifat

January 16, 2017

It’s a straightforward thing to make marketing strategies for your business online is understanding the analytics to figure out what works well and whatnot. If you go all around online, you will find many people talking about the strategy they took and got succeed. Maybe they will show some proof on that strategy. But when you implement that plan you fail. So the key thing is the analytics.
Now the problem is there are numbers of metrics, and it’s hard to sort out and find the best one.

Key Performance Indicator to success in internet marketing strategy

Let’s see six important Key Performance Indicator (KPI) measure traffic on your business website/blog-
How many traffic is Social Media referring to your site and the engagement?
What is the number of Unique Visitors on your site or blog?
What is the number of Pageviews by the visitor?
Again another number Pages/ Visit?
How much Average time on the site they are spending?
What is the Bounce Rate?

Are you at this point now?? Then I would request don’t just read. Keep this post open and go to your site and find the answers and come again.

Now your answer can be confusing. What a business expect is everything will be high except the bounce rate. For the new business traffic from social media is a little bit hard. Let’s put that thigh for later. Now just work on the rest of five key points.

Start working on bounce rate first. Why am I saying that? I am saying that because it’s important to engage those traffic whatever the number you are getting right now.

Suppose you are getting 100 visitors each day. The first thing you need to do is keep those 100 on your site for a long time and don’t let them bounce.

How can you do that-

Of course with the quality content, video or any other material whatever exhibiting on your site.  If you have quality content, your visitor will stay for a long time. If your bounce rate is high, I will recommend checking the content quality.

If the Page view is small then maybe the presentation of your site is not okay. Your site may be not showing related interesting things around the page. You need to connect page with each other. If we are talking about the blog, then the linked post is the key.

For real-life, example lets go to Amazon and Facebook. If you are watching a particular product on Amazon, they are showing other product which is from the same niche. They also show that people buy the product as well as they include some other product which is also required. Let’s say you want to purchase a kitchen knife. You will find Amazon will say that the person who buys a kitchen knife also purchase a chopping board, as well as they, will show some alternative knife you may like. Now if you go to facebook, you will find the advertisement is showing is interesting to you. Why?? Because they know your interest, choice, age, profession, and location.

So the same way you know why someone on a particular page of your site then shows them things very close to that specific page.
The next thing is related to the previous two factors. If the number of visitor rise and page view as well then page per view will rise.


Issue Situation Solution
Average time on site Low Require Rich content.
Bounce Rate High Engagement and quality of content.
Unique visitor Low Require Marketing like SEO, SMM, etc.
Page view Low Require to work on the presentation of your site.
Page/visit Low Effect of unique visitor and page view.
So the last two thing-

Unique visit: – Marketing is the only necessary for success on this matter. You can start with SEO. Find out more information about SEO here. You can also visit to learn tips and trick about internet marketing.

Social media Referring:– Visit social media Marketing page to get the tips on it.

In the modern landscape, a big part of your marketing strategy is digital.

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