The Importance of Your Businesses Email List

Written by Saddam Hossen Sifat

September 2, 2018

Most companies will have a list of people who are previous or existing clients, or perhaps just prospects or target clients. Here we will look at the ways in which it is possible to engage with your list and what this can mean for your business.

If a company has a website, they should have an obvious way of people subscribing to their list. I mention obvious as I have come across lots of websites where they have this capability but it is hidden away somewhere within the depths of the website.

So to encourage your visitors to your website to subscribe you need to either give something away which has a perceived value, or if you have a strong product or brand which is attracting interest or attention encourage people to hear updates or news around a particular area.

Once these people have signed up you need to develop a clear strategy for engaging these people over a period. It has been proven on a number of occasions that where there is a specific voice on emails, for example, the business owner this will improve the interaction with the subscribers. Try to make your subscribers feel like they are receiving something of value or special by being your subscriber, also reaffirm that you are glad of their support and subscription.

Over a period of time if you are constantly giving away good bits of content, information or other items these people will develop a good relationship with your organization and you will become a “trusted” brand. This can take some time, but it definitely will begin to work when you naturally try to flog to wears to your subscribers.

Most business owners still consider direct mail to be one of the most credible ways to get in contact with them. That makes marketing your services and products with a mailing list a good idea.

Business email lists are also available. However, when you buy a business email list, you risk being branded as “spam” and your mail being tossed away unread. Real, physical mail is more likely to be read, increasing your chances of getting the message out.

A good business mailing list will let you know that your marketing message is getting out there. It should contain only recent, reliable data, since a list that’s not up to par will cause you to send your mailings out to the wrong people.

Doing that decreases your credibility, and it wastes money, sending mail to people who may not be the right ones for your message. Always buy a business mailing list you can trust.

Encourage interaction with your list, ask for their feedback on matters. Run competitions with the list, each of these things will give further reasons for people to feel like they are valued and they are achieving something by being your subscriber.

If you have an existing mailing list if you are going to introduce a new approach in the way in which you are interacting with your subscribers tell them this. Then when the type of emails which you send to them change, there won’t be a shock or un-subscribers.

The actual volume of the list in terms of the numbers really isn’t that important. Clearly, if you have a million subscribers you have the opportunity to sell much more stuff. What is of much more important is how you are perceived by your subscriber base.

Email is 40 times more effective at acquiring new customers than Facebook or Twitter.

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