WordPress is best. Why?

Written by Saddam Hossen Sifat

February 15, 2016

If you need a website for your companies, organization, personal or a blog then you need to choose the right option which suits your knowledge and modern trend. You need the easy one to handle and also a popular one. Let’s see why WordPress suits your need!

WordPress is a free web, Web-based software program and open source website creation device written in PHP. That anybody can use to construct and keep up a website or blog. It’s likely the least demanding and most powerful blogging and website content administration system. It also the most prevalent open source Content Management System (CMS) utilized as a part of 73 million websites.

WordPress is well known

Given the convenience and accessibility of a large number of expert quality themes and plugins, it’s not amazing that WordPress is the most famous web distributed framework on the planet. We all know companies like BBC America, The Official Star Wars Blog, Bata, Nokia Conversations, Ford Social, The Mozilla Blog and so on. They all use WordPress Platform.

WordPress is easy to setup, manage, and update.

You don’t need to be an Internet expert or HTML coder to utilize WordPress. Everything you need is an internet connection and a browser to make your site. In case you’re perusing this article you as of now have all that you have to begin. You need to go wordpress.com to sign up for a free account. You’ll have your site up and running in around two minutes. For a little extra expense, you can even host your space name there.

Plugins provide you extra functionality.

A lot of stages out there offer plugin usefulness, however, it will never see a more smooth and careful usage than the plugin effort on WordPress.org. Plugins permit you to include incredible photograph exhibitions, sliders, shopping carts, discussions, maps, and more extraordinary functionality. There’s a searchable, a single tick introduces catalog of plugins. Their code is loaded with “hooks” that permit developers to add their code to for all intents and purposes any part of WordPress without altering the center.

WordPress is useful for both your online journal and your site.

It’s actual that WordPress began as a blogging framework; however that was a very long time prior. Throughout the years WordPress has advanced into a full-included web content administration framework. That implies you can utilize WordPress to deal with your entire site, not only your website. Obviously, in the event that you simply need to blog, you can utilize WordPress that fare as well.

WordPress is a search engine optimization friendly.

As Google Engineer Matt Cutts says, “WordPress consequently solves a huge amount of SEO issues.” And with the free Yoast SEO plugin, your site will be considerably more web index well disposed.

The CMS and the visual editor are important.

The instinctive, easy to use the backend of WordPress is most likely what made it so well known in any case. I’ll easily forget the help I felt when I initially introduced WordPress after a couple of Drupal encounters. It generally says, “in the event that you can do it in Word, you can do it in WordPress.” truth be told, with the Paste from Word apparatus, that announcement is all the more genuine. WordPress is ceaselessly enhancing its CMS, including components.

WordPress is prepared for the mobile web.

On the off chance that you expect your clients are going by your site from a full-sized PC, reconsider. Mobile site utilization is blasting. In the event that your site doesn’t look awesome and function admirably on a cell phone or tablet, your clients will skirt your skip and go elsewhere.

WordPress is unlocking source.

Dissimilar to other website tools WordPress is open source and free from business confinements and limitations. That implies you can utilize the product in any case you pick and have your site anyplace you pick. All without apprehension that adjustments in another person’s plan of action will have an unfavorable effect one of your most essential business resources.

Lower setup and support cost.

WordPress acquires less setup, customization, and upkeep cost in examination to other Open Source CMS, for example, Drupal and Joomla. Moreover, it is moderately less demanding to discover planners and engineers of WordPress if further customization or advancement is fundamental later on. You are no more secured with the static site or exclusive CMS that are unreasonable to change after beginning advancement.

It’s easy to keep WordPress Secure.

WordPress has dependably boasted about its “Acclaimed 5 Minute Installation”. Is WordPress really simple to introduce, as well as shockingly simple to upgrade for security and new functionality? At the point when another rendition is accessible, WordPress will give you a simple connection for a single tick overhaul.

Themes make you style your website.

I tell my business customers consistently that their site doesn’t have to rethink the wheel with regards to outline. We’ve possessed the capacity to make exceptions and effective site by beginning from previous themes and doing customizations from that point. Since themes are open source, you can purchase or download them and after that edit them to your heart’s substance. Themes are autonomous from your substance, so you can edit or swap out subjects whenever and keep your substance and functionality set up.

What is your WordPress Site?

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